The Rise of Vegan Stocks

As veganism reaches the mainstream, we’re seeing an unprecedented amount of vegan businesses go public. It’s not without good reason — more athletes, celebrities, and people like you and me are adopting a plant-based lifestyle for various reasons.

It’s honestly no surprise, then, to learn that Impossible Foods Inc. — the maker of the Impossible Burger taking fast food and chain restaurants by storm — is preparing to go public with a valuation at around $10 billion or more, as reported by JaneUnChained.

Impossible Foods Inc. will join Beyond Meat on the New York Stock Exchange, which went public in May of 2019. Two Canadian plant-based food companies — The Very Good Food Company and Modern Meat — also made their debuts on the Canadian Securities Exchange between Beyond Meat’s IPO and today.

One of the most exciting takeaways is this: vegan companies came to play and play hard. Now that vegan stocks are viable, money-making opportunities, we’ll see more visibility to the movement, more adoption, and more options for vegans. Putting our money where our mouth is (literally) is one of the best ways to create change!

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