Harnessing the power of numbers!

A grain of sand can hardly create a great impact and yet, in it’s millions sand can become a sandstorm. 

It is with this idea in mind that Mark Perlmutter, founder of Vegan Investing Club, decided to harness the power of numbers to accelerate the vegan economy and bring the world that every vegan dreams of, closer…faster!

Vegan Investing Club consists of 20,000 vegans from all walks of life that have joined hands to collectively grow the number of vegan brands you see on your supermarket shelves and ethical products that you can choose from. You can be a part of this revolution!

At it’s core, Veganism is, in fact, a numbers game. Alone, one person cutting out meat and dairy out of their diet barely makes an impact on the giant meat and dairy industries but together, vegans are creating massive change within the food industry.

As veganism, the fastest growing lifestyle on the planet becomes bigger, meat and dairy giants are slowly collapsing. As more alternative products become available, more people become vegan and thereby, join in the force of change.

It is clear that Vegans are changing the world as we know it but what if we could change it even faster?

The Vegan Investing Club is a project that brings vegans from all walks of life together in to one club with the common goal of accelerating the vegan economy by helping vegan entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. After all, every drop makes the ocean.

Vegans everywhere want a vegan world with thriving vegan brands but it isn’t happening fast enough! The more vegan brands there are, the more people shift to veganism and that creates a ripple effect.

Individually, vegan entrepreneurs and idea makers do not have the money to bring their ideas to life. It can take years to collect funds to start a vegan business and even more years to grow.

If a Vegan had an idea for a vegan venture and invested their entire life savings in to it, it would still take years before the idea could become a profitable business! Most people are not willing to take this risk and this slows down the journey to change.

Exciting Vegan start ups are closing their doors because of lack of funding. This should not be happening!

If thousands of Vegans chipped in as low as $100, the business could get the funding they need over night. This shortens the time it takes for these ideas to become profitable ventures. Now imagine if we came together by the millions to support Vegan ventures and ideas that would take the world by storm. This is what the Vegan Investing Club is all about!

The club has tested the idea with 20,000 members over the past two years and they now know the formula works. They have helped build up 10 amazing, ethical brands during their test phase and they are now going global.

Currently in Israel, beginning it’s second chapter, the Vegan Investing Club is on it’s path to going global.

They’ve got big plans for the coming year and their vision is to hit a million members   If each member invested just $100, that is a $100,000,000 going towards building up vegan brands.

Have you joined the club yet?

Visit www.veganinvestingclub.org to become a part of the vegan revolution.

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