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Ambassadors invite family, friends and followers to join the Vegan Investing Club for free with no obligation.

Together, we can create a better world.

Ambassadors earn a $0.50 credit for every member that joins using their Ambassador link.

When your credits reach $50, we’ll send you your money or you can choose to donate to an animal sanctuary (see below)


How The Ambassador Program Works

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Join other conscious Ambassadors to grow the Club while earning.


Invite your friends to join our free Club. Our mission is accelerating the vegan economy.


When your friends join you earn credits. You can choose to donate to animal sanctuaries or redeem for cash.

Every time a friend joins … you earn.

Keep inviting and you’ll keep earning.

On your affiliate dashboard, download pics of rescued animals and digital assets to begin promoting the Club.

Share your affiliate link on social media. Tell everyone. They don’t have to be vegan to invest in a better future.

Visit your dashboard often. You’ll see the difference you’re making as your ticker grows, showing the number of members who joined because of you. 

“A mighty ocean contains many drops. Imagine a million advocates acting together changing our world.” - founder, Mark Perlmutter

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Our Club accelerates the vegan economy by announcing to our members when startups are raising money through Crowdfunding. This allows anyone to invest from $100 to build their own vegan portfolio.


“Imagine a million advocates investing small amounts in vegan startups … each month … each year … worldwide.     Acting together, we can accelerate the vegan economy.”

Become an Ambassador

Ready to make a positive impact?

Our Club is a community of people that live to make a difference.

Our Club empowers everyday people to invest in young vegan startups

As an Ambassador you play a crucial role in gathering together thousands of changemakers to join our Club to act in unison through Crowdfunding. 

Build the vegan economy

Together we advance our Club’s mission to accelerate the vegan economy. Crowdfunding empowers the 98% of Americans who never before could invest in exciting startup companies.

Earn while supporting the vegan movement

When you bring new members into our community you earn. You receive $50 USD for every 100 members, and the best part is … 

everyone can join for free without any obligation!

Remember you can donate your earnings to increase your impact even more. Tell us which sanctuary, or split your earnings among them, and we’ll make the donation in your name.

Partner sanctuaries:

• Miyoko’s Rancho Compassion

• Luvin Arms Sanctuary

• Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

Meet some of the animals you can help

Sugar and Spice

These 2-month old Boer goats joined the Rancho family in June of 2019.  

Found along the railroad tracks in Sonoma County, these cuties were likely just a few months away from being someone’s dinner. 

Boer goats are typically raised for meat, but at Rancho Compasión, they will have lots of room to roam and plenty of goat friends. 

Devi and Luxmi

Devi’s owner intended to use her as a dairy cow. A compassionate soul from the Colorado Jain community rescued Devi from the ranch, unaware that Devi was pregnant. At the time of her rescue, Devi was less than two years old, far too young to be pregnant because her body was not fully developed.

Devi was taken to a farmhouse in Aurora, Colorado. On December 10th, 2021, Devi gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Laxmi.

Marley Rose

Marley Rose was rescued from a dairy farm in Wisconsin. She was rescued by another sanctuary and immediately brought to the vet where they received urgent medical attention.

Marley Rose was doing poorly at first, but soon recovered. She came home to Luvin Arms in August of 2020 at only seven weeks old.

Angel and Echo

Perhaps the oddest couple at Rancho, Echo (the goose) adopted Angel (the cow) after his partner goose died, and the two have been nearly inseparable ever since.

Join us in building a better future for all living beings

*We count as a subscriber everyone from the United States that registers for free on our website and clicks the link on the confirmation email we send them afterwards

Meet Our Ambassadors

Frequently Asked Questions

Ambassadors share their personalized affiliate link with their audience and invite them to become members of the Vegan Investing Club. They receive $50 for every 100 members that join the Club using their link.

Sign up for the program here and we’ll approve you as an official Club Ambassador.

We count US members who registers for free on our website and clicks the link in the confirmation email we send them afterwards as a member.
You earn $50 USD for every 100 subscribers you refer. You have 24 x 7 access to the Ambassador dashboard, where you will be able to track how many members have joined through your link.
At this time, we only accept US members. However, Ambassadors can be from outside the US and they can invite their friends and followers in the US to become members and get credits.

You can find the program terms of use here.