If retirement exists in this new economy, you’ll have to do things differently than Gam Gam did

Investing in the vegan economy might be the best move you could make for your future self. The low-interest rates in place are sticking around, and you’ll want your money to work for you now so you can retire and relax. 

As we always say, plan long-term. You have to account for inflation as you build your retirement portfolio. Investment officers are saying you might have to assume more risk now or risk having a lower return on your investment when you need it in retirement. Equity crowdfunding is risky. You can’t know for certain that the startup you are considering investing in will become the next big thing. Investing, however, isn’t so much about certainty as it is about calculated risk.

If you’re vegan, investing in a world that aligns with your values is as important as reading every ingredient on a food label. Equity crowdfunding portals give value-driven startups the chance to impact the world positively. By investing in vegan startups on these portals, you directly support up-and-coming companies that care about more than just the bottom line. You take a risk on a greener, more sustainable planet. And, if you invest small amounts in multiple startups you’ll have an increased likelihood of seeing returns before you start receiving mail from AARP.

There aren’t many things in life of which you can be certain, but now’s the time to bet on vegan, so you can actually relax when you’re retired.

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