Equity crowdfunding isn’t a pipe dream

Equity crowdfunding isn’t a pipe dream. The International Banker, an authoritative analysis on international banking, wrote that it was “one of the decade’s success stories”. Equity crowdfunding expanded access to capital by allowing non-accredited investors to invest in startups they believed in. When entrepreneurs struggled to fund their dreams and venture capitalists repeatedly overlooked viable businesses, equity crowdfunding emerged on the scene.

  Community-minded investing has already been considered “highly successful” in its infancy, according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)1. This may be a result of shifting the narrative. The risk involved in investing is shared amongst a like-minded community rather than shouldered alone. Equity crowdfunding is known to have hundreds to thousands of investors for any particular project. This model inspires entrepreneurs to put themselves out there, listen, and adjust their offerings in real time. Is the business model fuzzy? Should an improvement be made before the startup scales? These questions are asked and addressed by investors on equity crowdfunding portals.

Vegans understand community. We’ll often find ourselves in social situations where we are the odd ball out. If we manage to find another vegan, we become fast friends. We understand what it means to go against the grain. In a way, we’ve been betting on a future that others can’t see for years! Equity crowdfunding for vegan startups means the characteristics of veganism (community, compassion, and equality) are married with business (raising capital, scaling, and making a return on investment). Vegan business deserves to have the same success as any business. Now, as a collective, vegans can support vegan business through equity crowdfunding. 

You revolutionize the world one dollar at a time. Invest in vegan startups with family and friends, and you’ll see the world you’ve dreamed of sooner than you think! 

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