Why Invest in Vegan Companies?

Why it’s important to invest in vegan companies

Vegans tend to be conscious of the many injustices happening throughout the world, and it’s easy to become discouraged when we realize just how much change is needed to create a truly compassionate planet for all beings. By not consuming animals, we are, of course, making a real difference, but by investing in vegan companies, we can extend our impact even further.

As an individual, my influence may not reach far beyond my friends, family, and coworkers; but if many vegans pool their money by investing in vegan companies, we can secure an even more direct impact on the very market and economy we inhabit.

Why everyday people can invest in vegan companies

The word “investing” can be daunting to some as we immediately think of the stock market and all of its complexities. This is especially the case when you’re a new investor and perhaps haven’t read much on the subject. Who wants to invest their money in a system they don’t quite understand? There are, of course, ways to invest in the stock market that make the process easier to understand. One of these is the opportunity to invest in professionally managed collections of stocks or bonds through mutual funds and ETFs. By simplifying the investing process, it becomes more accessible to everyday people.

Outside of investing in the stock market, the opportunity to invest small sums in young vegan companies through their equity crowdfunding offerings is another strategy one can consider. Most websites (portals) where these offerings are hosted are designed for the general public and aim to be as clear as possible. When you understand the specifics of what you’re contributing to by investing $100 in Company X (a company you can choose based on your beliefs and their values and mission), you can feel more involved and engaged in the process.

Can investing in vegan companies be a form of activism?

As mentioned above, investing in vegan companies is one way to extend your personal reach. It also opens a door to discussion. If I invest in Company X, I will likely want to tell people I know about the brand and promote it in any way I can. It makes sense that investors want the companies they are investing in to do well, both for the potential return they may earn, as well as to help the vegan cause their investments contribute to.

In addition, discussing your investment among your social circles generates a new angle from which to frame veganism for those around us; you can demonstrate that it is a sound investment for one’s own personal finances, as well as for the future of our planet and its inhabitants.

Another key reason investing in vegan companies can be a form of activism is because of the ways in which vegan brands influence non-vegans. One recent example is the success of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.

Many people are beginning to recognize the inefficiencies of raising animals for food and the impact it is having on the environment. Even if some of these individuals are not ready to go fully plant-based, many are beginning to acknowledge the value of reducing their consumption of meat. Because changing lifelong habits can be difficult, it is quite rare for someone to go vegan overnight and stick to it long term. However, by promoting brands that make the transition easier, like the Beyond Meat and Impossible Food burgers have done for many, we can contribute to a tangible solution that will help people progress toward kinder and more environmentally conscious lifestyles and aid in driving forward these important shifts in the way society thinks about food.

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