Super Bowl LV proved what we’ve been saying all along

 Invest in Vegan. 

Investors can be defined simply as those over 18 with a credit card. It’s that easy now if you invest the equity crowdfunding way! It also helps to have a plan for what to invest in. If you’re vegan or vegan-leaning, investing options have been…limited. But, we’ve been telling you all along that the tide is turning in favor of all things Vegan. We’ve written articles about our predictions too, so be sure to read those!

Commercials for the Super Bowl are historically the most expensive ads run on American television. This year was no different. The price for a 30 second commercial was reported to be $5.5 million! So, of course the Vegan world went bananas when we saw one of our products in the line up. Oatly, “Wow, no cow”, did an ad for it’s oat milk. It’s reviews are mixed. Truthfully, people had very strong opinions about it. Some say it was the worst Super Bowl ad of all time. Some say it was the best. (We’ll refrain from giving you our opinion on it). However, in July Oatly was considering an IPO priced at $2 billion. Not bad! After the Super Bowl commercial, their IPO is at $10 billion. Even better! 

People have had opinions about Veganism since forever. Oatly recognized that and did something different. It challenged our ideas around food, specifically milk, and embraced the oddity of milk not derived from cows. Oatly thinks differently and so should you. Even if you can’t get behind their avant-garde commercial, you should consider investing in Vegan products. It’ll be a solid return on your investment.  

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