About Us

Who Are We?

The Vegan Investing Club is a Club of 20,000 passionate vegans and vegan advocates with a plan to change the world by accelerating the vegan economy!

At our core, we’re a Club dedicated to driving positive change in the world through supporting innovative vegan startups through crowdfunding. We’ve proven our model works over the past 3 years by investing in 16 exciting startups. Everyday, the Club is growing – our ultimate goal is to reach 1 Million members across the US. Our members invest small amounts starting at $100 in carefully selected vegan startups. We only announce startups that our founder, Mark believes in and has personally invested in.

Join us in our mission to nurture the growth of ethical, sustainable Vegan businesses that align with our values and have the potential to transform the world for the better.

"Let food be thy medicine."

- Hippocrates

How We Started

The people behind the Club

Mark Perlmutter, Founder

Mark has been innovating to make the world better most of his career. He founded the Vegan Investing Club to accelerate the vegan economy by tapping the amazing potential of Crowdfunding.

He hosted and produced the Crowdfunding World Summit promoting this idea to 12,000 attendees through interviews with 75 speakers including Senators, regulators and international industry leaders. Later he lobbied the SEC on rules governing this new law.

Then he created a food company making vegan meals delicious enough so that even non vegans enjoy them. He has a plan to match meals to customer microbiome and DNA for maximum health benefits. He funded a film showing six diabetics reversing their disease in 30 days on a vegan diet: “Simply Raw”. Seen by millions this led him to make a dvd series: “Raw For Life” with 30 vegan celebrities teaching the vegan lifestyle.

In the early days of the internet, he created DirectIPO, one of the earliest sites for raising money online long before the Crowdfunding laws were passed.

As a college student, he produced a solar energy exposition at the University of Denver and this led him to become a green business advocate. This was also when he stopped eating animals.

After the Crowdfunding laws were passed, he spoke at the Silicon Valley Crowdfund Conference and the Global Crowdfunding Expo. He’s been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and Fortune. He had a long career as a licensed investment broker and before that as a real estate broker.

Mark splits his time between Maryland and Lima, Peru. He loves meeting people and any kind of physical fitness: bicycle riding, hiking, yoga, the gym, swimming. He’ll go anywhere for a meal with other vegans. He enjoys long form podcasts on biology, neurochemistry, and spirituality. He and his fiancé live together near the cliffs above the Pacific ocean. They enjoy preparing vegan meals for friends. For the first time he lives with cats – he’s sure he prefers dogs.

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